Creating Successful Transitions

Most owners only exit a business once in their life. It is a new experience with a series of decisions that will alter the outcome. The transition process can take years to properly execute.

What is your best strategy? 70% of companies try to sell. 30% attempt a family succession. While similar steps are needed in a sale or succession, an exit typically seeks the highest value, while a succession is often a vehicle to begin transferring family wealth. Let us help evaluate your options.

Your Transition Blueprint:

Our professionals will collaborate with you to understand your objectives and create a timeline to develop your transition blueprint. Our process includes:

  1. Interviewing. We interview you to understand your transition needs.
  2. Building. Then, we build the transition blueprint that leads the effort.
  3. Meetings. Depending on your timeline, we set monthly to quarterly progress meetings.
  4. Executing. Our team works to execute the steps in the blueprint.

Time is a Valuable Tool in Transitions

In general, the shorter the planning timeframe is, the less profitable the sale may become. Time enables you to refine operations to maximize value, ensures key-person and non-competes are in place, allows owners to remove themselves as much as possible from day-to-day operations and provides time for a tax strategy to unfold, especially if gifting is involved.


Take Action

When is the right time to create a plan? Starting a conversation about selling your business or beginning an internal succession is often difficult to do, but it is essential. To learn more about how we can help you, please contact us at (801) 328-2011.