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Train Employees to Avoid Cybercrime

In an era of hyper-connectedness and a burgeoning global cybercrime industry, you can’t afford to hope you’ll just be lucky and avoid a successful attack. It’s essential to establish policies and procedures to minimize risk and train employees on how to protect your company. The basic kinds of criminal acts you need to guard against […]

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PCI Compliance: Protect Customer Information

The explosion in the use of debit and credit cards is not without a downside. As more and more credit cards are provided to merchants, the potential that the information will be stolen also increases. Consumers expect their card information will be handled by merchants in a secure manner. When card data is stolen, consumers […]

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Build Teams for Growth and Success

Teamwork. It’s a common enough term these days, and well-known companies such as General Electric, 3M, Texas Instruments and Federal Express have been using it to their advantage for decades. Now an increasing number of businesses have taken up team building for growth, efficiency and competition. Cohesion in Japan It begins early in childhood. Japanese […]

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Unsolicited Fax Advertisements

Spam, or unsolicited e-mail, has become a well-publicized problem for nearly every business or individual using the Internet. Less publicized are the unsolicited advertisements that clog fax machines across the country. Businesses should be aware that there are options available to stop the flow of these unwanted “junk fax” ads. Junk Fax Prevention Act The TCPA […]

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Free Speech Limits in the Workplace

Employees who make comments and express opinions that irritate, offend or anger their colleagues are a major source of workplace conflict. The same is true of employees who argue with supervisors, using inflammatory or profane language. When employees who express themselves in these ways are told to stop, they often respond: “I have a right to […]

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Long-Term Care Insurance Can Be a Tax-Free Perk

As the Baby Boom generation continues to age, there is an increasing interest in insurance to pay some of the high costs involved in staying in a long-term care facility. Your family business can provide group coverage for yourself and your employees. If you are interested in long term care insurance, it can be worthwhile to obtain […]

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The Joint Committee on Taxation (JCT) is a nonpartisan Congressional committee that, among other things, assists in the analysis and drafting of proposed federal tax legislation and prepares reports that interpret newly enacted federal tax legislation. The JCT recently issued the Overview of the Federal Tax System as in Effect for 2016. Here are the details of […]

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Customer Service: Seven Ways to Lose Business

Everyone has experienced bad customer service at some time. Perhaps you’ve encountered a rude store clerk, a curt receptionist or an apathetic customer service representative. You could probably offer advice to these people on how to shape up their attitudes. The situation takes on new meaning when it’s your clients or customers that are being snubbed. And remember, […]

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No Current Deductions Before Business Commences

Starting up a business and wondering about how tax deductions will be handled? The most important thing to understand is that most expenses incurred before a business begins functioning cannot be deducted or amortized until the year when the business does become active. Start-Up Costs Include Amounts Paid for the Following: An analysis or survey of potential markets, […]

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Business: Prepare for the Unexpected

Think of it as a prenuptial agreement for a family business — a mechanism to reduce hard feelings and provide for an equitable distribution of assets. Officially, it’s called a shareholders’ agreement and it lays out the ground rules of a family business in terms of governance, succession, the transfer of assets, liquidity and other issues. […]

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